Your Convenient, Trusted and Affordable Self Storage Service in Hong Kong

While living or working in the city certainly has its perks, there is always the dilemma of having enough space for your belongings. In that never ending battle of fighting for extra storage space, Hong Kong residents often compromise on what they want, living amongst an array of storage boxes under beds, hidden in closets or stacked away in the corner. Now there is a better solution. Here at I Love Space Warehouse, we offer a self storage service that declutters your living and working spaces and places your belongings in a secure and conveniently located facility.

Extra storage space is easy with our solutions


Moving to a new place? As well as offering a storage area for you to utilize until your new place is ready, we can ensure all of your belongings are moved safely.

Short term solutions

Need to store a couple of personal items until you get a bigger space? A short term solution is ideal as it keeps it securely locked away until you require it again. This is ideal for those in the process of getting a bigger property or renovating their current home or office.

Work purposes

With document lockers and rooms of varying sizes to suit your needs, we have a self storage solution for you. This is great for offices with numerous files, or retail stores looking for a stock inventory alternative.

No matter what your reason for taking advantage of our services, you have the peace of mind that your items will be secure with facilities that have the latest security, including surveillance, double lock entry and fire protection.

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