How We Can Help You

Household Services

  • – Whole House Packing and Moving
    Our dedicated moving team can ensure all your household items to be moved safely. Large pieces of furniture are wrapped by plastic tape, bubble tape, and/or carton paper. Small personal items are packed by carton boxes, in double if needed, and property sealed.
  • – Short-term Furniture Storage
    Whether you are having a house renovation or moving to another place, our short-term storage service can be your all-time backup partner to smooth out this stressful process. Our items will be carefully packed, wrapped, and flexibly arranged to be stored based on your needs of time and size.
  • – Household and Personal Item Storage
    Similar to any other big city in the world, space is always a constraint for living in Hong Kong. We offer a wide range of storage services at different sizes to fit your needs. Hopefully, your living can be enhanced without the old documents or seasonal clothes and sport equipments taking up your daily living areas.

Commercial Services

  • – Office Moving
    Office equipments, operation data and enterprise systems are valuable assets for every corporation. We hope to help you efficiently and safely finish the moving and return to business operations.
  • – Document Storage
    Our document lockers are perfect choices for any professional service corporation. Document lockers have small areas but large volume, hence you can store large amount of documents economically.
  • – Retail Stock Inventory
    In today’s retailing model, physical shops are more and more for sales and marketing rather than inventory stocking. We hope we can be the back-end inventory for your retailing business so that you can focus on front-line distribution.